A Bolton born TV presenter has given his backing to a petition to improve NHS dentistry. 

Paddy McGuinness appeared on BBC Question Time last night, where he told how his father was forced to pull out his own teeth after not being able to see a dentist. 

Now, following the appearance, he has publicly backed a petition to the Prime Minister which seeks to improve the quality of dentistry. 

The petition, called 'Save NHS dentistry and make it fit for the 21st century', was launched by hospital consultant Tom Thayer, with the British Dental Association (BDA) and The Mirror. 

Its aims are to 'properly fund NHS dentistry, so everyone who needs care can secure it', and to 'scrap the failed contracts forcing dentists out of the NHS and rebuild a service with prevention at its heart'. 

Today, the BDA tweeted the video of Paddy telling the story of his father's dental issues, with the caption: "Thank you Paddy McGuinness. You really didn’t get it wrong.

"You captured the absurdity of a system that’s fuelling a crisis hurting millions. The PM promised to ‘restore’ NHS dentistry. We’re still waiting…

"SIGN & SHARE this petition to Rishi Sunak." 

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Paddy replied: "I've just signed." 

Speaking last night on the BBC programme, he said: "My dad took his own teeth out because he couldn't get a dentist appointment.

"I know that first hand." 

He added that NHS dentistry should not be about 'target based care' - meeting, missing or exceeding 'targets' - but about care. 

Under new plans dentists are to be offered cash to take on new patients and given £20,000 “golden hellos” to work in communities with a lack of NHS dental services under plans to boost dentistry across England.

Around a million people who have not seen a dentist for two or more years are expected to benefit as officials offer a “new patient payment” of £15 to £50.

One-off payments of £20,000 are to be awarded to 240 dentists for working in under-served communities for at least three years, according to the plans, which are expected to increase dental appointments across the country by 2.5 million next year. 

But leading dentists said the recovery package will not be enough to help people struggling to access dental care.