Police in Bolton have arrested a woman on suspicion of shoplifting offences in the town centre. 

Officers arrested the woman, who they say is "a known suspect", for three alleged shoplifting offences in Bolton town centre yesterday, Sunday. 

The suspect, who has not been named by police, was arrested by the Bolton Shoplifting Team and has since been charged with all three offences. 

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A spokesperson for GMP Bolton South said: "Yesterday officers have arrested a known suspect for 3 shoplifting offences.

"The female suspect has since been dealt with by the Bolton Shoplifting Team and has been charged with all 3 shoplifting offences.

"They will now appear before the courts later today after being remanded in custody."

Bolton police have a dedicated taskforce to crackdown on retail crime.

Police say that shoplifting is an issue in the town centre - as it is across the country.

The Bolton shoplifting team is made up of new recruits being taught by seasoned officers.


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