The youth secretary of a football club which keeps being targeted by off-road bikers said he has become 'numb to it'.

Moss Bank Junior Football Pitch has been damaged for the second time in recent months by  what is believed to quad bikes, driven on the ground near Captain's Clough.

In December the other end of the pitch at the Pavilion was targeted by a car.

The most recent incident took place on Wednesday, February 8, in the evening.

Multiple quad bikes are said to have performed donut manoeuvres.

The weather conditions at present mean that volunteers at the club have been unable to repair the damage.

The Bolton News: The pitch in Smithills has been targeted again

Andy Kearney, the youth secretary of the group, said he was becoming "numb" to the damage due to the frequency of it.

He said: "We have been hit with quad bikes again. They have done down Harper Lane at about 5.30pm and got on the pitch.

"There is a public right of way so there are lots of ways they can get through.

"They have done donuts on the pitch.

"Because of the weather we can't repair it, if we take something down to try and roll over it it would just sink. It will have to be repaired by volunteers.

"These bikes seems to be the trend.

"We have become numb to it.

"We do not know what we are going to find when we come in in the morning.

"A bike only needs to be on for ten minutes to cause thousands of pounds of damage."

The Bolton News: Donut manoeuvres have been performed

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The Moss Bank Park was targeted by off-road bike users again last month with damage being caused near to the play area.

Police recently revealed that a new unit to tackle off road bikes could be deployed as soon as the summer.

Barlow Park, Astley Bridge,  Longsight Park, Harwood, and Leverhulme Park, Breightmet, have also been targeted by bikes in this manner.

Mr Kearney said he was aware of this and hope it would lead to a reduction in the amount of incidents at the football pitch.