A new police unit to tackle the scourge off road bikers in Bolton could be deployed to the borough as early as summer it has been announced.

Off-road biking in the area is one of the biggest concerns raised by residents saying the bikers wreck parks and pitches and causing a nuisance.

The Bolton News has reported regularly on the upset caused by off-road bikers.

Recently a petition was launched as part of a campaign to bring the unit here.

The issue was against raised at a PACT meeting after vandals ruined a park leading to football matches being called off.

Police at the meeting said the specialist unit could be sent to Bolton in the summer after calls for 

 Pitches on Barlow Park, Astley Bridge, where Moss Bank Junior FC plays its matches. were wrecked by, the club says,  cars, dirt bikes and quad bikes being driven on the pitch, with the most recent occasion being at the end of January. 

PACT meetings are where members of neighbourhood policing teams, in this case Bolton North, meet with residents and councillors so they can highlight issues in their communities. 

The Bolton News: Vandalism on the parkVandalism on the park (Image: Public)

A member of the club said: "Quad bikes and dirt bikes have been vandalising Barlow Park. I am not a direct resident, but am with Moss Bank Junior FC, which uses the park." 

Cllr Kate Taylor said: "What is really upsetting is my kids' football gets cancelled, now residents are being disturbed by it coming on quite loud at night. 

"Residents report it. We are working with the football club and the council to work out some kind of deterrent." 

Sgt Zach Keneally said: "The issue off road bikes is big, but it is so hard to enforce. I've used 101 myself and got through in under five minutes. 

"Normally quite good now. If you see them, please report it to us and we will try and get out." 

The Bolton News: Vandalism of the parkVandalism of the park (Image: Public)

Cllr John Walsh: "The Assistant Chief Constable spoke at a Bee Network meeting, he said the whole unit being set up and GMP have a new fleet of off road and road-use motorcycles. 

"Bolton has been highlighted as one of hotspots for this sort of crime

"It was made clear Bolton is one of the targets for the new unit. It is important to report such crimes not just so the neighbourhood team, but also the new unit, has a chance to respond. 

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Sgt Keneally said: "That new unit should be coming in this summer. It is a really hard issue. Elsewhere at another park, big fences were put up and the same week were cut down." 

The Bolton News: Tyre tracksTyre tracks (Image: Public)

Cllr Taylor: "People in a community know what goes on inside their community, if you know people who are riding, do report to police, although I understand why people would have concerns over repercussions. 

"It is causing problems for the police and for Moss Bank Juniors. Captain's Clough, Barlow Park, these bikes are decimating them. 

"If anybody can report back to police, they can get to try and catch the people riding. 

"There are plans to put a railing up to try and deter it, because they are having to cancel football matches that the kids really look forward to."