Police have revealed Bolton's crime hotspots and provided advice on how to keep homes safe from burglars -  as well as  spotting the signs of drug dealing.

Crime figures have been released for the last week of January and the first week of February.

During this time where have been 67 vehicle crimes, 43 burglaries and 86 incidents of antisocial behaviour.

Police have urged people to store valuables in a safe and to be aware of signs that drug dealing is taking place.

In the south of Bolton there were 38 vehicle crimes, 29 residential burglaries and 45 incidents of antisocial behaviour during the two weeks covered by the data.

Hotspots included Little Lever where there were eight residential burglaries, Rumworth, Middle Hulton and Great Lever where there were six vehicle offences in each and Middle Hulton where there were nine reports of antisocial behaviour.

Two were arrested in Rumworth over vehicle crime and further offences are being investigated.

In the north of Bolton there were 29 incidents of vehicle crime, 14 residential burglaries and 41 incidents of antisocial behaviour.

Crompton East and Hall i' th' Wood has been identified as a crime hotspots with for domestic burglaries and six vehicle offences.

Two burglaries occurred at Laycock Avenue in this area.

In Bromley Cross there have been eight vehicle offences with four of these taking place on Saxby Avenue.

Police arrested one man who been charged with four counts of burglary and remanded in custody.

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A police spokesperson urged people to lock valuable items in a safe.

They said: “If you have high value items at home, you should consider storing them in a safe.

“There are two options – either a home safe or a safety deposit vault.

“Should you opt for a safe in your home, ensure it is fire rated.

“Home safes are also insurance rated according to the type and value of items designed to be placed inside, so check with your insurance company first to ensure you are adequately covered.

“Position the safe carefully so it won't be easily discovered - don't place it in your bedroom as this is the first place a burglar will look.

“Secure it by bolting it to a wall or floor.”

Police also said there are indicators of possible drug activity.

They include excessive foot traffic to and from a property, loitering around a property, frequent or unusual traffic patterns around a house, drug paraphernalia such as syringes or snap bags being prevent, strange smells coming from a house and threats or intimidation.

People are urged not to confront them but to report it to police directly or to go through Crimestoppers.

A police spokesperson said: “The more reports the police receive, the higher chance of action being taken. “A single piece of information, no matter how small, could make the difference to a successful prosecution.”