Calls for traffic calming at the top end of the Blackrod Bypass fell flat after Bolton Council said the change was not backed up by the data.

Residents assembled a petition with dozens of signatures to ask for an intervention on the approach to the border with Adlington, Lancashire.

The speed limit is 30mph at the top end of the Blackrod Bypass, after it becomes Chorley Road, in comparison to 50mph on the rest of the road. Calls for traffic calming came after concerns it was being broken by drivers.

But these fell flat at a meeting this week when Bolton Council's assistant director for highways, Dwayne Lowe, told Bolton Council's cabinet member for highways, Hamid Khurram, the change was not backed up by the data.

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Mr Lowe said: "We looked into the request and there is no opportunity for any traffic calming at this location. 

"The data does not support any intervention."

Mr Lowe said the council is able to look at revising the existing speed limit signage in the area via the addition of yellow backing boards and at relocating some electronic speed limit signage to the area.

This was welcomed by councillors David Grant and David Wilkinson, as an appropriate alternative.

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Cllr Grant, of Horwich South, said: "The safety is a concern but there are not any accidents in the area and, as for speeding, there are idiots but this is in line with what we would expect at this location.

"We spent £1000 on a speed survey with the result of the police saying sorry we are not interested."

Cllr Wilkinson, of Westhoughton South, said: "I am pleased the possibility yellow backing boards is being looked at in this location and in other locations because as Cllr Grant said we are dealing with idiots who have no consideration for road safety or for road users. 

"We have to try to put it in big, bright letters for them to understand they are in a zone which needs attention paying to it."

It is understood the cost of revising existing speed limit signage and relocating electronic signage is in the region of £2500.

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.