A newly open bar and grill has announced exciting plans as it continues to grow in popularity in Westhoughton.

It Sear located on Market Street officially opened last month, and co-owner Jack Ince, from Deane, revealed to The Bolton News that a small bar will now also open alongside a restaurant on site in the next eight to 10 weeks.

Jack added: “The main bar is really busy on the weekends, so we need to put a bar near the food area, which is being worked on with the kitchen.

“Once the kitchen opens the bar will hopefully complement it.”

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To give, customers a taste of what is to come they can now enjoy a platter of nibbles, including, chorizo, different cheeses, focaccia bread from Hive Bakehouse, olives, hummus, and more.

Once the kitchen opens, the style of food will be tapas style, which will be changed quite frequently depending on the season and the ingredients.

Jack said: “It will help give people an idea of some of the food they can expect in the future.

The Bolton News: “It’s just a taster of what’s to come because we can’t offer hot food at the moment, and it’s a good way to get our name out there.”

Jack says he is really excited for the kitchen to open and is looking forward to being able to show his creative side as a chef.

The bar and grill have already been hired for bridal showers, and baby showers.

The platter is available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

More information is expected to be revealed about the restaurant and menu in the coming weeks.

Jack says he can see Westhoughton becoming the new favourite place to go. 

He says that there are already quite a lot of pubs and bars in the area.

With high hopes for the future, Jack says that they would hopefully like to open more bar and grills in the future.

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