Dreams do come true - just ask three talented young dancers from Bolton who landed a part in the English Youth Ballet's (EYB)  production of 'Cinderella in Hollywood'.

Helanna Bailey, 11, who attends Spindle Point Primary School, Emily Taylor, 13, and Helen Turner, 15, who both attend Canon Slade School, were selected to be part of the 100-strong cast and are currently experiencing the life of a professional dancer in rehearsals.

They will dance alongside international professional dancers at the Manchester Opera House from March 8 to 9.

Set in the glamorous era of 1950s Hollywood movies, the production draws its inspiration from the real life fairy tale of the film star Grace Kelly who met Prince Rainier of Monaco at a press party and later married him.

Cinderella is a seamstress on a film set and the Fairy Godmother is her late mother - a former movie star of the 1930s.

Her wicked sisters are Hollywood starlets competing with each other for starring film roles.

The Prince meets Cinderella at the press party but at midnight she flees from the scene leaving a sparkly silver pointe-shoe as the only clue to her identity.

Helen, from Lostock, is one of the girls who was chosen to take part and will be a lead role in the production as 'head guest'.

Helen, who will be doing a Level 6 Diploma in professional Dance at Northern Ballet School in Manchester from September, said: “I started dancing when I was two - I always loved dancing and moving to music.

“The best feelings about dance is making people happy when they watch me and the improvement that you work for, for yourself. 

The Bolton News: Helen Turner in the Lake DistrictHelen Turner in the Lake District (Image: Helen Turner)“I would love to have a career in ballet and currently applying for vocational courses.

“EYB allows me to see and understand how productions come together and feel what it’s like to perform in a professional environment.

“It has also been amazing to be working with professional dancers.

“As one of my GCSEs I am doing contemporary dance at Canon Slade which helps me develop choreographic skills as well as dancing.

“Outside of school, I am with the Northern Ballet Academy doing the centre for advanced classical training, which is 12 hours on top of school work but it’s all worth it because of how much my strength and technique has improved.

“Once I have had a career in dance I would love to teach.” 

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Helen’s mum, also named Helen Turner, said she is so proud of her daughter who is juggling both ballet and schoolwork.

She said: “I am incredibly proud of Helen because it takes a lot of hard work on top of doing her school work and she has never wavered.

“She never ever complains about not wanting to dance, it is something that she wants to do, and we have just encouraged her.

“We drive 350 miles a week so Helen can train at the Northern Ballet Academy in Leeds, so Helen is doing 12 hours on top of her schoolwork and then there is the travel time on top of that as well, but she is doing so well.

The Bolton News: Helen Turner will play a lead roleHelen Turner will play a lead role (Image: Ben Garner)“She is working incredibly hard.

“Myself, Helen’s dad Richard and her little sister Grace are all proud of her.”

EYB Principal Lindsey Fraser will be starring as Cinderella in the production, before joining EYB she danced with the Vienna Festival Ballet. 

Speaking about the production, she said: “I wish I had danced with EYB when I was young.  The dancers learn so much about performance skills and the artistry of ballet.

“I love working as a principal dancer with EYB because I get to dance fantastic roles and teach and watch the young dancer’s progress.

“The sets and costumes in the production are superb and the whole experience is one the young dancers (and the audiences) will never forget!”

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