The wife of Bolton boxer Amir Khan, Faryal Makhdoom, has confirmed she will not be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother - saying she has been ‘dropped' from the show. 

An ITV reboot of the iconic reality show launches next month and the beauty mogul, who hails from Boston originally, claims she initially signed up to be one of the stars set to enter the house.

Faryal married Amir in 2013 but is a model and a businesswoman in her own right with her successful make-up line, Faryal Beauty.

The mum of three shared the news via her Instagram page, finally addressing the rumours which had been swirling for weeks on whether heading for the CBB house. 

Faryal said in her video: “As you all may know, I was offered to do a show, for which the producers offered me a few years ago and I had previously refused.

“This time they made a very lucrative offer and after a lot of convincing I finally agreed to do the show.

“I also wanted to do the show to make it more inclusive for the Muslim community, but it seems from my social media activity and being pro-Palestine is not appropriate for ITV and its sponsors.

“Mind you ITV and this particular show has had many controversial people on it before but for some reason I was singled out.”

Faryal claimed she was told to ‘step down’ just 10 days before going in.

She said: "I have never in my life been treated like this.

"It's a violation of free speech.

"This is why cowards with a huge following (especially Muslims) refuse to speak on this issue because they deprive you of opportunities and so you have no choice but to support them and stand by them."

Faryal also praised multi-billion-dollar beauty empire Huda Beauty, for speaking up about Palestine.

She said: “Bear in mind I was offered substantial money not to speak on this issue, but I rejected it.

"For me, no amount of money will ever stop me from speaking on the injustice happening in Palestine."

“I get so many messages, even threats, from people asking me to stop advocating.

“These people don't realise this world is temporary.

“I may lose a lot in this temporary world, but in the long run we will be rewarded for standing by the truth.

“And I really hope you guys continue to raise awareness and boycott these genocide supporters."

ITV responded to Faryal’s explosive video but did not comment directly on her claims. 

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A spokesman for ITV said: “We meet numerous prospective housemates when casting for Celebrity Big Brother, however the final lineup is not confirmed until closer to transmission.

“As per our welfare protocols, we are unable to comment on the casting process for individual prospective housemates, other than to say that suitability to participate is determined by a number of factors.”

It is understood, Celebrity Big Brother bosses dispute a number of claims made in the video.

Faryal has since hit out at ITV's response and wrote: "I had gone through all of the necessary and relevant assessments including a mental health assessment. My flights were booked and hotel admission a week prior to entering the house confirmed. However 10 days before my PR team was informed by ITV that there were some issues regarding my social media."

The 32-year-old has been vocal about the ongoing conflict between between Israel and Gaza online, alongside husband, Amir.

Celebrity Big Brother starts on Monday, March 4 and fans can tune into the first episode at 9pm to see the housemates be revealed for the first time.