A drug dealer who kept cannabis in Pringles cans in his car has been sentenced to 45 months in prison.

Mohammed Sultan Khan, of Foxham Drive, Cheetham Hill, was arrested after a chase through the streets of Bolton where he reached speeds of 70mph in 2022.

The dangerous driver was then again caught by the same police officer in 2023, following another chase, this time driving the wrong way on St Peters Way dual carriageway in an effort to evade police.

Khan, 22, was sentenced for offences committed in 2021, 2022, and 2023 at Bolton Crown Court.

He was charged with possession with intent to supply cannabis and cocaine, two dangerous driving offences, driving whilst disqualified, and driving without insurance.

Prosecutor Gavin Howie told the court how Khan, who previously had a clean record, had first been picked up by police on August 30, 2021 after his silver Ford Fiesta blocked the entrance to Orlando Bridge.

Khan told police that his vehicle had broken down, but an officer, who had got out to help move the vehicle, noticed his front side wheel was hanging off.

Following checks, police found Khan was driving with no insurance or licence, with the car registered to someone in another part of the country.

On inspecting the vehicle further, police found ‘a modest amount of cocaine’, more than £2,000 worth of cannabis, two Nokia phones, an iPhone, and scales with cocaine residue on them.

Texts on the Nokia phone advertising cannabis and cocaine were signed ‘Sully’ – a reference to the Khan’s middle name.

Officers also found close to £1,000 in a man bag worn by Khan.

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Khan arrested again 11 months later

After being released under investigation, Khan went on to be picked up by police again the following year.

The court saw video of Khan, driving a Volkswagen Golf, as he was followed by PC Scott, who was driving an unmarked car in the afternoon on July 30, 2022.

Khan was followed after he was spotted inhaling from a half-inflated red balloon in his mouth, believed to contain Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas.

After Khan’s car showed as having no insurance, the officer followed him, switching on his blue lights.

Laughter could be heard in the courtroom as Judge Nicholas Clarke KC remarked “there goes one of the balloons” after a red balloon could be seen flying in front of the police dashcam.

Khan reached speeds of up to 70mph in a 30mph zone, and 59mph on Dobson Road, Heaton, a narrow 20mph street, the court saw.

Khan could then be seen getting out of the car on the footage, and he was arrested before being released on bail again.

The court heard that Khan had originally pleaded not guilty at the magistrates court, with Mr Howie telling the court that he had made the assertion it was the ‘police’s fault for chasing him’.

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Khan races away from police again

Nearly a year later, Khan again met PC Scott.

The court heard how PC Scott, this time driving a marked police car, activated his blue lights after stopping behind a black Audi with no ownership or insurance records on August 6, 2023.

The court saw police dashcam footage of the vehicle as it was driven off, reaching 65mph in a 30mph zone around the town centre.

Khan, who was disqualified from driving, drove the wrong way up a slip road and on to St Peters Way dual carriageway, the court heard.

Mr Howie added: “Officers say that demonstrates a willingness to put members of the public at severe risk.”

Officers continued to pursue Khan before more officers finally arrive to block him in and he is again arrested.

The court heard that the vehicle was then searched, with £470 worth of cannabis, some of which was hidden in two Pringles tubs, a wooden bat, disposable gloves, small snap bags, and two sets of electronic scales found.

Defence: Khan ‘sucked into crime’ due to ‘combination of factors’

Defending, Stuart Neale said Khan, was a ‘devoted family member’ who had ‘not grown up properly into adulthood’ and was unable to deal with pressure from others.

He said that Khan had ‘really suffered’ after spending time in custody since August last year, and asked Judge Clarke if he would consider a suspended sentence.

Mr Neale told the court that no school had been available for Khan after the family moved to Bolton, meaning he was home-schooled.

He said: “The problem is, when at 15 he decided he wanted to go to school to deal with his GCSEs, he was not equipped because of his past experience to deal with the pressures of a late middle school and dealing with GCSEs.”

Mr Neale added that Khan had ‘become a spectacularly easy target’ who ‘couldn’t identify false friends’ and began smoking cannabis to fit in with the group culture.

“Once he’d said that somebody was his friend, he became their friend. He was as loyal to his new friends as blind,” he added.

Khan then amassed a drug debt due to his ‘psychological background’, the court heard – leading to him getting involved in dealing.

Mr Neale said: “He is perfect as the gopher, perfect as the fall guy. He’s perfect as somebody who will go along with things.”

 “This is a defendant who does need help. All that he’s going to learn from a further custodial sentence is from the types of friends who got him in trouble in the first place,” he added.

Judge hands down sentence

 Judge Clarke said Khan was “clearly heavily involved and engaged in the business of selling drugs.”

He added: “In my judgment, there have been plenty of opportunities for you to stop your offending which you have not decided to take.

“It’s clear you didn’t just panic as this was a deliberate and persistent course of driving on both occasions.

“You’d had a clear warning in relation to your drug dealing from the arrest on the first occasion.”

Khan was sentenced to 45 months in prison.

He will also be banned from driving for two years after he leaves prison and will have to take an extended re-test to regain his licence.

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