Three Bolton-Italian cousins are expanding their pizza business - which they started in a back garden.

Cugini Pizza’s success over four years has taken them from their aunt’s back garden as a hobby, to buying their own pizza van touring Bolton, a base at Edgworth Cricket Club, at the Nook and Cranny in Bolton, and now at Ramsbottom Cricket Club - where they will start serving in April.

The Cugini boys, Dini Clark, Connor Close, and Callum Tombs will be operating from their own kitchen at Ramsbottom Cricket Club, with delivery also being offered in that area.

The TikTok famous cousins have enjoyed huge success after having to leave their aunt’s back garden in Harwood, following a  complaint.

The Bolton News: Dino Clark

Connor said: “We’re going over at the end of this month and we are excited about that as well as the van going back on the road this summer.

“It’s like what we are doing at Edgworth and all three of us are full time now.

“It’s all getting a bit scary now and it’s very serious as multiple people’s livelihoods depend on it - when we started in back garden it was just fun.”

The Cugini boys started in Harwood, with Dino’s own pizza oven just to get him out of bed and with something to do.

But it soon turned into a full-time business with the boys buying a pizza van before getting offers to move to the cricket clubs.

Connor said: “We absolutely did not imagine we’d be here now but as we grew, especially on TikTok, we started to realise it could be a thing, but it was mainly something for Dino to do.

The Bolton News: Connor Close

“He was only 18 when we started, and he is 21 now.

“Getting him out of bed was hard work at first but now he is pretty much leading things and the best pizza chef, and he even trains all the other young lads.

“It’s really exciting to be starting in Ramsbottom.”

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The cricket club approached the Cugini boys after their own caterers retired and the boys bought a new pizza oven to get started with.

Fans of Cugini Pizza can expect events like curry nights and lunches in Ramsbottom.

Connor said: “It’s just the beginning for us, we still have ambitions to have our own restaurant one day.”

The Cugini pizza van will be touring different parts of Bolton this summer.