A taxi boss who launched his “Batman” scheme to help drivers keep people safe at night says he hopes to expand the scheme to Bolton.

Shaz Malik, of the Chorley Taxi Association (CTA), says that his project, which encourages members of his organisation to report night time incidents has already made his home town safer.

The scheme works by encouraging members of his organisation to report incidents to the CTA which then works with police, and Mr Malik says he believes Bolton needs a similar plan.

He said: “I’ve long been aware that public safety issues exist in Bolton as well and that is why the time is right to bring the Batman approach to Bolton.”

Mr Malik founded the Chorley Taxi Association last autumn in a bid to encourage Hackney and Private Hire drivers to put aside their differences and unite under a single banner.

The Bolton News: A poster produced by Mr Malik using his 'Batman' sloganA poster produced by Mr Malik using his 'Batman' slogan (Image: Public)

He called on Bolton drivers to follow his lead and in December last year said that membership of a group like this can help protect drivers from violence.

But he has now taken this a step further and says that as well as protecting each other, taxi drivers can also use their mobility and knowledge to help protect the rest of the community.

The “Batman approach”, as Mr Malik dubs it, involves encouraging as many drivers as possible to join his association, which has bought a town radio to use for the scheme.

He says that he plans to buy more radios for the groups and that drivers will also be able to keep in constant touch using group chats.

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The drivers will then be able to patrol the roads late at night, acting as Mr Malik’s eyes and ears and reporting criminal or dangerous incidents to him.

Mr Malik will then work with police in dealing with issues like these.

He says that this has already proven fruitful in his home town of Chorley and when surveying the scene in Bolton, feels it can be of even more use there.

Mr Malik said: “I’ve seen what’s been happening over there and that is why Bolton is right at the top of my list of priorities in the coming months.”