A suspected drug driver has had his car seized in Breightmet.

According to Greater Manchester Police, the driver, who was on bail and only had a provisional driving licence, was found to be driving without insurance while under the influence of cannabis.

The Toyota driver has now been arrested and his car has been seized, according to GMP Bolton North.

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Under the law, those with a provisional licence must be supervised while they’re learning to drive, such as by a driving instructor or family or friends who are aged 21 or over and are qualified to drive the type of vehicle you’re learning in.

The person supervising must also have had their full driving licence for three years.

Those driving without the right supervision can be fined up to £1,000 and receive up to six penalty points on their provisional licence.

Driving without insurance can land offenders with an unlimited fine and a driving ban, as well as up to eight penalty points on their licence.

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Driving with more than two micrograms per litre of cannabis in your blood is against the law.

The law was introduced in 2013, with the government then saying it would take a ‘zero tolerance approach’ to eight illegal drugs.

Those convicted of drug driving can receive a minimum one-year driving ban, an unlimited fine, up to six months in prison, and a criminal record.

Drug driving convictions also increase car insurance costs, and future employers may be able to see the conviction on your licence.

Countries such as the USA may also place restrictions on entry to those convicted.

Other drugs with specific limits include cocaine, at 10 micrograms per litre, and ketamine at 20 micrograms per litre.

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