Passenger, ITV’s new drama, is coming to our screens this week and you might spot your local area as filming has taken place in north west locations.

The drama consists of six episodes and Bolton’s Andrew Buchan is the screenwriter, someone you might recognise as he’s played a role in Broadchurch.

It follows a close-knit community who aren’t willing to face their fears of change, of outsiders and of the unknown.

Passenger is set in the small fictional town of Chadder Vale and former Met Police Detective Riya Ajunwa investigates a series of strange and inexplicable crimes that have the townsfolk spinning on an axis, including the disappearance of local girl Katie Wells.

Although she reappears the next day and seems fine, things aren’t sitting right with Riya Ajunwa.

The new series has been filmed across the north west and some locations in Yorkshire too.

Passenger filming locations in the UK

Filming locations for the new ITV drama include Bolton with scenes being filmed at the Mercury Hotel in Westhoughton.

The hotel lounge was turned into a vintage canteen for the purpose of filming.

Filming crews were also seen in Greenfield, Oldham and residents reportedly received letters telling them of the arrangements back in June last year.

Residents reported that the Saddleworth village was transformed into a film set with crews seen shooting scenes on Manchester Road.

Most of the filming was said to be focused on one house on Manchester Road.

At the time though, supervising location manager, Danny Newton told The Oldham Times he could not “confirm or deny” that filming was taking place in Greenfield.

According to Wigan Today, another filming location was Haigh Hall in Wigan where a wintery scene was filmed.

The Halifax Courier has reported that scenes were also filmed in Todmorden and Cornholme, Yorkshire.

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The new series will air on Sunday, March 24 on ITV1 and ITVX at 9pm.