A villager is calling for measures to be implemented to prevent cars from crashing into his house.

George Birch moved to Egerton just 18 months ago, one of Bolton's most picturesque places to live', when a car crashed into the front wall of his property.

George, who lives on Pinnacle Drive,  said that had the crash happened 20 minutes later, he might have been at the front door with his two children after collecting them from school.

The impact of the crash, says George, caused a crack to the internal and exterior wall of his office he had just decorated, and he needed the help of a structural engineer.

The crash happened last month (February).

The Bolton News: George Birch near the fallen brick at his houseGeorge Birch near the fallen brick at his house (Image: Public)Read some of our top stories below:

He said: “This incident wasn’t even in icy conditions, so having two girls under the age of five in the house, we are terrified whenever there is snow in case this happens again.

“If it had been icy and a lorry hit the house, it would have been a write off.”

George initially spoke to the council and asked for bollards to be put up outside his house, which would provide additional safety measures for pedestrians and prevent cars from hitting his home - and also help solve parking issues.

George said: “There was an initial issue with parking because of people visiting local businesses in the area.

The Bolton News: The damage to George's houseThe damage to George's house (Image: Public)“Particularly with schools there, there is trouble crossing the road because of cars parked there.

“Highways recommended the bollards to stop parking, but they wanted me to pay it.”

According to emails seen by The Bolton News this was not something the council would pay for.

The cost George was quoted is £250 per bollard, although there was no guarantee this would be effective.

George said: “The last thing I would want is for it to happen again.

“I believe there has been a couple of near misses in the past, and it’s very possible it could happen again.

The Bolton News: The car that crashed into George Birch's houseThe car that crashed into George Birch's house (Image: Public)“It’s frustrating because there is no offer to collaborate.

“We just need some action and a form of co-operation.

“I don’t believe I should have to pay something on a public pathway.

“We wouldn’t know this would happen until after buying the house.”

Ward councillor Cllr Nadim Muslim says he is happy to discuss this with the resident and see if there are any other solutions available.

He said: “I am happy to discuss this with them and see if there could be other solutions.

“But the council don’t put up bollards to protect property.

“With the recent Darwen Road incident we [local councillors] brought Highways out to look at it and they said they don’t put up bollards to protect property.

“If a car hit a house at speed, the bollard could come out of the ground and be projected towards the house.

“It is not unusual for the council to ask for a cost, as they do for markings outside people’s homes.”

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “The Council have discussed installation of bollards as crash protection with the resident, and no further action was requested. 

“In terms of winter conditions, the road in question is on our gritting routes and therefore gets treated in line with the council’s policy. 

"In addition, there is a grit bin on the opposite side of the road should self-help be required.”

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