Residents have been left in disbelief after a popular country park became the latest spot to be blighted by fly-tipping - given the tip is just 500 metres away.

Rubbish was dumped in Cutacre, the site of Logistics North and the borough's newest country park.

Locals believe that somebody drove on to the site before dumping the rubbish onto the main footpath, south of the warehouses, on Sunday.

They say police, local councillors and Harworth Estates, which manage the site, have been informed - with documents handed over in a bid to identify who the rubbish belongs to.

Residents also warned at the time of large amount of broken glass in the area.

The Bolton News: Rubbish left in Cutacre Country Park

John Bullen volunteer with the Over Hulton Community Group said: "How absolutely disgraceful this is.

"They have had to fill a van up, drive on there and then empty it all out.

"Not 500 hundred metres away is the council tip!

"What a disgusting way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We have just posted out on our social media asking for any witnesses to come forward. There are documents in the rubbish with names and addresses on. The incident and details have been notified to local police and authorities. Cutacre Country Park is a very popular, beautiful area.

"It is out country park and we want to see the people who have done this caught and prosecuted."

The Bolton News has approached Harworth Estates for comment.

The Bolton News: Rubbish left in Cutacre Country Park

Fine for fly tippers and litter bugs have soared by nearly 10 times over the last six months.

Bolton Council has revealed that more than £30,000 worth of fines were handed out between August last year and this February to those dumping rubbish on public land.

The Bolton News: Rubbish left in Cutacre Country Park

This was almost ten times more than the total fines handed out over the same six-month period, August to February, the year before and comes as the council increases the maximum fines.

The fines handed out over the last six months came to a total of around £32,150 and came after Bolton suffered record levels of fly tipping over last year

But the authority hopes that sharp increases in the fines handed out will put people off leaving their rubbish strewn around the street.

Last week, the council decided to increase the steepest fines for littering from £150 to £300 and from £400 to £600 for fly tipping.