Bolton faced a record number of fly-tipping incidents last year - with a 396 per cent increase within a year.

Figures from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs show there were 5,883 fly-tipping incidents in Bolton in the year to March 2023 – a substantial increase from 1,184 in 2021-22 and the highest figure since records began in 2012-13.

This meant there were 19.7 incidents per 1,000 people in the area.

In Bolton, most fly-tipped waste was discovered in back alleyways, accounting for 43 per cent of recorded incidents. This was followed by 22 per cent on council land.

The largest proportion of discarded waste was household waste, making up 42 per cent of all incidents.

The number of fixed penalty notices issued across the country fell from 91,000 in 2021-22 to 73,000 in 2022-23, with 86 in Bolton.

While the average court fine increased by 13 per cent to £526, there were fewer fines given last year with a total value of £785,000 compared to £837,000 in the year before.

In Bolton, £7,829 was paid by those found guilty of fly-tipping.

The Bolton News has previously reported about Deane being a hotspot in Bolton for fly-tipping.

Residents say they are already living in a fly-tipping hotspot but say they cannot believe how one area now resembles a dumping ground.

Deane had issues with illegal tipping on multiple occasions last year, and again at the start of this year.

Model, reality TV star and businesswoman Faryal Makhdoom previously spoke of her upset at the amount of rubbish dumped close to a wedding venue her husband Amir Khan is financing in Deane.

She urged people to keep Bolton clean.

The Bolton News: Junk at the back of Deane RoadJunk at the back of Deane Road (Image: NQ)

Cllr Martin Tigh said he believes there are a number of reasons as to why there has been an increase in fly-tipping.

He said: “I think fly-tipping is occurring due to two main situations.

“One, it is the actual owners of the waste that are finding somewhere to tip it, finding deserted and isolated spots.

“We had an issue in Westhoughton on Hunger Hill on Slack Lane, and it is like a fly-tipping haven, people are turning up and dumping all kinds of waste.

“Things like the failure of the refuge collection impacts on fly-tipping, we have got tens of thousands of bins that have not been picked up by waste management services, so people are being left with overflowing bins and are deciding to fly-tip the waste instead of using recycling centres.

“So that is a growing issue.

“We have also seen an increase in fake private waste management companies; these are run by various individuals who basically own a van or transport and they advertise themselves on social media as waste collectors and for a fee they will go to houses and remove the waste.

“Residents believe these to be good legitimate reputable companies, so the companies turn up, charge the resident, collect the waste, and drive off and the resident thinks it’s all been done and cleared but actually these companies are driving to an isolated area and are just dumping the waste.

“And if there is any evidence in this waste with addresses, the council are finding this waste and finding the evidence and it is the resident that then gets fined despite the resident believing it was legitimate.

The Bolton News: Other fly tipping on Back Dijon St NorthOther fly tipping on Back Dijon St North (Image: Newsquest)

“These businesses will disappear and within a couple of weeks will rebrand themselves and it’s not as much the residents of Bolton who are fly tipping its these companies as well who advertise as legitimate businesses.

“We have got a very good trading standards department, so I will be going to the waste management team and trading standards to see if we can do a joint venture in catching these fake companies.

“In Westhoughton and Hunger Hill we are going to try and get signposts up in the hot spot areas to try and prevent fly-tipping, this in a way will show fly-tippers that we know that they are doing it.

“Depending on costs, myself and other councillors would like to see CCTV going up and we are looking to increase the fines given to companies and individuals who fly-tip.”

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “Flytipping is antisocial behaviour, which shows a complete disregard for the local area and for local people. 

“We issue Fixed Penalty Notices where we can trace those responsible.

 “Residents are reminded you can be fined or prosecuted if your waste is fly tipped by someone else on your behalf.

 “Waste should only be collected by a registered waste carrier.   

 “You can find a registered waste carrier in your area on the Environment Agency’s website.

 “In regard to council owned land, we inspect and remove fly tips as part of the scheduled street cleaning programme and in response to reports from local residents.

 “Residents are therefore encouraged to continue reporting incidents of fly tipping on council land via the website.”

Recycling minister Robbie Moore said: “Fly-tipped rubbish is a blight on the landscape, and a burden on councils to clean up – so it’s absolutely right for councils to take strong action whenever a crime is committed.

“We are making solid progress – with enforcement up by 6 per cent and fly-tipping decreasing for the second year in a row – but we know there is more to do.

“That’s why we are helping councils to take the fight to criminals, with additional grants to tackle fly-tipping, higher £1,000 on-the-spot fines for offenders and powers to stop, search, and seize vehicles suspected of being used for fly-tipping.”

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