A Christian debt poverty charity has put together a list to help anyone struggling with debt.

Christians Against Poverty is a charity helping people going through debt crisis in Bolton.

The charity says it understands people’s needs and draws up a plan to alleviate these worries as well as apply for debts to be wiped out with a debt relief order if it cannot be paid.

A spokesman for the charity said: “Everything is so expensive these days, so it’s easy for many of us to find ourselves in unmanageable debt.

“By recognising the causes of debt, we can gain a better understanding of the problem, prevent it and deal with it.”

Some people may fall into debt due to low incomes, and CAP offer free, face-to-face debt advice and budgeting help with this.

The Bolton News: CAP's money coaching sessions

To help, a free Turn2us benefits calculator on CAP’s website at capuk.org/calculator is helping thousands of people to see if they are missing out on any vital income.

People can also browse the free help on offer in their community on the moneyhelper.org.uk website or look on the CAP website for services the team are running in the area.

A CAP spokesman said: “Budgeting and learning to save are essential life skills, but many of us have never been taught how to manage our finances and avoid debt.

“When things go wrong, not having this vital knowledge can make it a lot harder to deal with situations that impact our income.

“Building up a savings buffer of around three to six months of your monthly income can bring you peace of mind.

“Even if you think you know how to budget and save, it’s always great to learn new skills.

CAP run sessions on free money coaching to help people change and set budgets to work for their finances.

The charity also recommends people to seek medical and mental health advice if needed as this can impact finances if people cannot work.

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A spokesman said: “Many of us will have heard the phrase ‘health is wealth’, meaning your health is always the most important thing. I think most of us would agree this is true.

“Being kind to yourself, seeking professional, medical help early and readjusting your budget as quickly as you can following any changes to your regular income can be really helpful.

“This will give you a clearer picture of where your finances are at and help you make productive decisions.”

To contact the charity ring 01274 761999