Bolton police have named the model of cars 'being particularly targeted by thieves'

Keyless cars, including BMW, Fords, Fiats and Mercedes Sprinters are being targeted by thieves say police as they shared crime prevention advice.

They say the 'relay attack' method allows thieves to steal keyless cars in a matter of seconds.

A spokesman for GMP Bolton West Neighbourhood Team said: "A recent method of vehicles being stolen without the keys termed ‘relay attack’, is allowing criminals to overcome existing vehicle security technology, such as immobilisers and keyless entry systems.

"The new style attack uses a relay device and involves two criminals working together.

"One thief stands near the car being targeted and the other stands near the front door of the owner’s home to get in range of the key fob, which are often left on hallway tables or kitchen worktops.

"The relay device then picks up the key fob signal from inside the house and relays it to the car.

"Using this method, the car thinks the keys are nearby and thieves are then able to drive away in a stolen vehicle in a matter of just a few seconds.

"BMW's, Ford's, Fiat's and Mercedes Sprinter's are particularly being targeted."

Police have regularly issued advice to owners of keyless cars and how to keep them out of the hands of thieves.

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