A “Taxi Watch” scheme could save lives in Bolton, its founder claims, after a driver rescued a man from a burning car.

Shaz Malik, founder of the Chorley Taxi Association, has long spoken about his ambition to extend the groundbreaking organisation’s ideas over the border into Bolton.

He says that his organisation uses taxi drivers’ local knowledge to help deal with crime and safety concerns in their areas.

Mr Malik said: “Specifically, Bolton taxi drivers have the opportunity to adopt a similar approach and play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of both their passengers and the community as a whole.

“With their extensive knowledge of the local area and their ability to navigate through traffic efficiently, Bolton taxi drivers can be the first ones to arrive at the scene of an emergency, providing immediate assistance until professional help arrives.

“In addition, taxi drivers can also offer comfort and support during emergencies.”

Mr Malik held up a recent example when a member of his organisation, taxi driver Abdul Javeed helped save a man from a burning car on Spendmore Lane, Coppull.

Mr Javeed came across the car while driving a customer home to Liverpool in the early hours of the morning of Saturday, March 2.

The Bolton News: Shaz Malik with Abdul JaveedShaz Malik with Abdul Javeed (Image: Public)

After he pulled the man to safety, police officers and firefighters were called to the scene where fortunately, no one suffered any serious injuries.

Mr Malik says his colleague’s actions showed how crucial his organisation could be.

He said: "Saving anyone's life is one of the biggest things you will do in your life, and every life matters.

The Bolton News: A poster produced by Mr MalikA poster produced by Mr Malik (Image: Public)

“Our TaxiWatch program has extended out to saving lives in Chorley, serving as a shining example of the positive impact that individuals can have when they are willing to go above and beyond to help others in need.

“His bravery and quick actions undoubtedly saved a life and inspired others to do the same in times of crisis.”

Mr Javeed says the experience was unlike any he had ever encountered before.

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He said: “Approaching the car, I noticed an individual unconscious inside.

“I circled around, successfully opened the door, unfastened the seat belt, and rescued the man from the vehicle.

“Fortunately, the seat belt wasn't stuck."

He added: "It was a harrowing ordeal unlike any I had faced before.

“Following the police and firefighters' arrival, I extended my assistance to the authorities by aiding in the evacuation of residents from their homes in case of a fire."