A plan for a sports bar at a business park off Blackburn Road was approved by councillors in spite of opposition from residents.

The applicant, Smashley's Limited, applied for planning permission to start its Smashley's Sports Bar towards the end of last year.

The plan for the sports bar at Dunscar Business Park involves repurposing a number of units, some of which were the units used by businesses like an axe-throwing bar and Dunscar Brewery previously.

Unusually it involves relocating a clock once seen on Bolton's Deansgate to the site too.

There was opposition from more than a dozen residents including Brian Denvir, of Stable Fold Farm, who addressed the planning committee when it met at the town hall this week.

The Bolton News: The H Samuel clock

Mr Denvir said: "When the previous businesses were in operation every Saturday morning and every Sunday morning myself and my neighbour took black plastic bags into the business park to pick up the mess from the previous night. We would pick up bottles, used condoms and underwear.

"Nobody can control the behaviour of these people who are leaving these premises at this time in the morning but it is us, the local families, who have to go through this experience."

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A report for consideration by the planning committee recommended the approval of the application as long as the opening hours were no later than midnight throughout the week.

It was approved by councillors unanimously after a vote.

The Bolton News: The H Samuel clock

Samantha Connor, a councillor for Bromley Cross, said: "I am in support of this application. I understand the concerns of Mr Denvir but I think it should be viewed on its own merits and not on the merits of the previous businesses.

"They cannot be tarred with it because it is a new business."

Emily Mort, a councillor for Tonge with the Haulgh, said: "I think I can comment as I live in the area and I have been a user of this venue on a number of occasions.

"I do not recognise the comments in relation to the issues around local residents and, as I say, I live close to the venue so I am happy to support this application."

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