A lorry driver has spoken about the "horrendous" traffic at a junction after cycle lanes were installed.

Sean Trundle, a lorry driver from Farnworth, highlighted the problem after it was announced work will last until May to make cycle lanes on the Gladstone Road junction along Bolton Road.

Sean and other road users say the cycle lanes are not being used often enough but cause dangerous traffic on the junction, often blocking the road.

He said: “ I just came through it at 2.30pm and there’s so much traffic where people block the roads.

“The council has put a cycle lane in on Bolton Road before Market Street, and it is all well and good as I do know about vulnerable road users, but now it is only one way. And if you turning right towards the motorway, you are going to be blocking the road for people trying to get towards Farnworth.

“It’s a massive cycle lane and if they had thought about it a bit more, they could have put it in Market Street instead as it is quite wide there.”

Sean says that since the lane was built, he has not seen many cyclists on it.

He said: “It’s absolutely horrendous, and I spoke to Cllr Hamid Khurram as well and even rang highways, but they are not speaking to anybody, it’s just an embarrassment.

“This is going to cause more congestion and more toxic fumes in the atmosphere all for one or two cyclists.

“I have only seen one cyclist this afternoon.”

Sean claims the council did not think about the congestion being caused before work started.

The council's cabinet member for highways, Cllr Hamid Khurram, said: “A few people have raised concerns about the cycle lane going through Farnworth, as it has narrowed the road, and some are not happy about it.

“It has almost been completed now.

“Once the cycle lane is installed it will not be as bad.

“I have asked the highways team to address the concerns people have raised and assess the site to see if any improvements are needed.

“The highways team has informed me that the work started at the end of January, and they are due to finish at the start of May, which is earlier than expected.”

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Another lorry driver said he went down Bury New Road to get into Farnworth because it was far less hassle to do that than going through Little Lever.

Sean said: “The traffic can be all the way up to Little Lever High School.

“It might be better when finished, but I do not think it will be as it is one lane and people cannot avoid the area unless they go back.

“Cllr Hamid Khurram said he wants a meeting to look at the problem and if he does that, he will be shocked to see the problem himself. “