Reddit users have named Bolton’s Wetherspoon venue as the "best cosy cafe to work in all day".

User elegantroutine323 asked the Bolton community on Reddit to name their suggestions for the "best cosy cafe to work in all day".

By far the most popular response was that of user Agincourt_Tui – who, clarifying that they thought their answer would be considered controversial, said the Wetherspoon pub was "normally quiet", has free WiFi, and refillable coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

They added: “It'll definitely be the cheapest option.”

Bolton's main Wetherspoon pub is The Spinning Mule, on Nelson Square.

Westhoughton also has The Robert Shaw, while nearby Walkden has The Bull's Head Hotel.

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Another "cosy cafe" option named by Reddit users included Great Moor Street’s Th3 Guy’s Bakers & Baristas.

The cafe has been named the second-best place in the borough to get brunch by Google reviewers.

One reviewer praised the presence of USB adapters for charging phones – which could be welcomed by would-be workers.

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One said the borough’s Holiday Inn was "nice and quiet", while another said Starbucks near Sainsbury’s made them "weirdly productive".

Harwood’s Bill & Coo was also recommended by one Redditor.

Joeparty1 said: “The Bill & Coo in Harwood, I may be biased but I really like our coffee and I flush the coffee machine daily. We get our beans from Salford coffee roasters.

“Also a massive fan of 3guys.”

Do you agree with Reddit’s choices? Is Bolton’s Wetherspoon pub the cosiest cafe for working?

Let us know in the comments.

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