A school where pupils are happy and flourish has been marked as outstanding.

Eatock Primary School in Westhoughton achieved the highest possible Ofsted grade following an inspection which found children 'thoroughly enjoy learning' and 'achieve very well'.

Inspector Charlotte Oles commented: "Pupils flourish in the caring and supportive environment of this happy school.

"Pupils work with grit and resilience to meet the ambitious goals that are set by their teachers.

"An atmosphere of warmth and mutual respect permeates the school."

She found that pupils celebrate each others successes and looked out for each other.

The school has a strong enrichment programme, which pupils help design.

Ms Oles said: "The school is determined to provide an exceptional education for pupils , regardless of any disadvantages that some may face.

"The school and the governing body work strategically to ensure that this vision is realised in every aspect of the school s work . As a result,

pupils not only achieve well, but their time at school is filled with rich and memorable experiences."

Staff were praised for their inspirational teaching and were described as being 'proud and happy to work at the school and fulfil their roles exceptionally well'.

The report adds: "Pupils are rarely absent from school. T hey know that it is important to attend school regularly, so that they do not miss out on important learning and social time s with their


"From the early years, staff are sharply focused on helping pupils to develop behaviours conducive to learning. They create enticing and supportive atmospheres within

classrooms that encourage pupils to do their very best.

"Pupils enjoy a vast array of experiences that extend beyond the academic.

"A considered and deliberate programme of trips and visits enhance pupils learning and promote s their wider development."

Headteacher Ann Flannery said: "We are thrilled with the outcome of our recent Ofsted inspection. The report reflects the dedication and commitment of staff, parents, governors and our community in ensuring the success of all children at Eatock."