The most popular schools in Bolton have been revealed based on the numbers of parents eager for their child to go there.

Moorgate Primary School in Tonge Moor was the most popular in the primary school sector, with more than double the amount of parents applying for a child's place than are available.

The school has 30 places available to the 68 first choice school applications, meaning it could only offer places to 44 per cent of them at the start of the academic year.

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At its last inspection, Moorgate was rated outstanding by school inspectorate OfstedThe Bolton News: Moorgate Primary School, the most oversubscribed school

Markland Hill Primary School was the second most oversubscribed, only being able to offer 49 per cent of places - another outstanding rated school. 

The school received a total of first choice application 91 compared with only 45 places offered.

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In all, 29 primary schools across the borough had more requests for first choice than places to give, almost 30 per cent. 

The Bolton News: Crowds at Markland Hill's HillfestCrowds at Markland Hill's Hillfest (Image: Markland Hill Primary School)

Heathfield, Spindle Point, St Michael's CofE Great Lever, All Saints CofE, St John CofE Kearsley and St Brendan's RC Harwood primary schools were able to offer 100 per cent of the places requested as first preference. 

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See our table below for all primary schools in the borough. 

The Department for Education says, for primary schools, the first preference offer rate across the country is 92.5 per cent, the top three preference offer rate is 98.3 per cent and the non-preferred offer rate is 1.3 per cent. 

For Bolton primaries, the first preference offer rate is 90 per cent, the top three preference offer rate is 97.4 per cent and the non preferred  offer rate is 2.5 per cent. 

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “Bolton is lucky to have many excellent schools where dedicated staff go above and beyond to help children reach their full potential.

“For a variety of reasons, certain schools are particularly popular when parents come to list their preferred choices.

“While every effort is made to offer children one of their three preferred places, in a small proportion of cases this is not always possible.

“In these cases, an alternative place is always offered at a school within the borough.”