While you might not carry as much change as you used to, checking your pockets and purse could lead to you earning a small fortune.

A 50p coin listed by an eBay user in Bolton sold for £155, selling for 310x its face value after receiving nine bids.

The coin has Beatrix Potter’s name, a portrait and a small image of Peter Rabbit plus the dates 1866 and 1943 on the tails side while on the heads side, you’ll see the late Queen Elizabeth’s portrait.

It was listed on eBay as being a "2016 Silver Proof Beatrix Potter Anniversary 50p coin" and a "rare gem".

The Bolton News: The Beatrix Potter 50p coin sold for £155 on eBayThe Beatrix Potter 50p coin sold for £155 on eBay (Image: eBay)

The Royal Mint has released a variety of Beatrix Potter coins including some character designs with Peter Rabbit, Flopsy Bunny and more featuring.

The Mint’s website explains who the author is, saying: “Helen Beatrix Potter will always be remembered first for her twenty-three beautifully illustrated “tales” for children, beginning with The Tale of Peter Rabbit™ which changed the direction of children’s literature forever.

“Clever, irreverent, yet drawn and told with undeniable understanding of a child’s sense of adventure and of curiosity, Potter’s illustrations and her words were perfectly balanced in a manner that has not been repeated or matched more than one hundred years later.

The Bolton News: The coin sold for 310x its face value on eBayThe coin sold for 310x its face value on eBay (Image: eBay)

“But Beatrix Potter touched our world and our lives well beyond the reach of her memorable animals and her stories of country life.

“A woman of keen intelligence, great curiosity, and generosity, she lived her adult life as a successful farmer and sheep breeder in the English Lake District and translated her love of country life into her charitable gifts of properties to conserve the culture that she valued, loved, and made popular in her books.”

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