Rubbish dumped on an unadopted street may finally been cleaned up after local councillors stepped in to help local residents.

A large amount of fly-tipping has taken place in an area of Fylde Street, Moses Gate, and has been there for more than a month.

Among the items present there are bags of rubbish and bed frames.

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Now the councillors are stepping in to help residents after neighbours may have potentially been given the wrong information over who is responsible for the land.

Cllr Sue Haworth, who represents Farnworth North and is the cabinet member for regulator services, said:  “The council does not do much collecting of fly-tipping garbage or dumped furniture items at unadopted streets. The streets in the photos are unadopted. Ward councillors are improving this area bit by bit.

"All unadopted roads and footways do have some ownership.

"It can be found in property deeds and often property owners get together to organise clean up and prevention work. With delay occurring here due to residents possibly being given the wrong information, we will look at our ward funds to help towards some clean-up work.

"At the February budget at the council Labour backed some additional spend to help clean up at unadopted roads and footways which is a really good addition to help drive a cleaner borough for residents.”            

 Mohammed Farook, a 53-year-old supervisor, said: "I think people have been raising it with the council.

The Bolton News: A large yellow substance

"It is difficult for them to get vehicles onto the road.

"I want the council to do something about it.

"We have people who do not pick rubbish up and leave it here."

The Bolton News: Rubbish bags at the site

"Lots of people are annoyed about it.

"It has been like this for a few months."

Fine for fly tippers and litter bugs have soared by nearly 10 times over the last six months.

Bolton Council  revealed that more than £30,000 worth of fines were handed out between August last year and this February.