Bins have been missed across Bolton this week due to a mix of reasons – with Halliwell one of the most affected areas.

According to the Bolton Council website approximately 50 streets have been missed this week with one, Blackburn Road, dating right back to Wednesday April 10.

Earlier this week the website showed 90 streets were affected.

The bins most affected during this time are the beige and burgundy bins, with some also not having their garden and food bins emptied.

Reasons stated for the missed bin collections include no access or operational issues.

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Cllr Kevin Morris, councillor in the Halliwell ward, said his area has been hit with missed bin collections, with residents contacting himself and the other councillors in the area with their concerns.

He said: “We certainly have had issues with the bin collections in the Halliwell ward - as other wards have too.

“When Labour came back to take control last May we were left with a dilapidated vehicle stock, with many bin wagons constantly breaking down and in need of major repair and this has caused major operational issues across the borough.

“The Labour run council will now be investing in a new fleet of vehicles fit for purpose in the months ahead which will have a much more positive impact with collections.

“All of us three Halliwell councillors have had several phone calls and emails from concerned residents regarding their bins not being emptied - in particular recycle bins.

“There have been operational and access issues with bins being missed or not emptied in Halliwell.

“We have all immediately dealt with all our residents who have contacted us, and we have had additional collections made and extra collections made over the weekends to clear any back logs in areas affected in our ward.

“I do fully sympathise and understand residents getting weary and sometimes frustrated with their bins not being emptied on time, and we apologise for any inconveniences it causes, we are trying our best to resolve these issues.

“In Halliwell we are currently looking at implementing designated bin collection points in certain streets that have bins missed for various reasons with consultation with residents.

“But going forward, I hope we will see a big improvement soon with the new vehicle stock.

“If residents continue to have their bins missed they should contact the council via telephone or online and report it. We will always escalate and support our residents if needed.”

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