People walking along a pathway in a park can now feel safer after lights have been installed to illuminate it.

Station Park in Horwich now has lights to aid people as they walk down the path after dark.

Councillors for Horwich and Blackrod First, Cllr Victoria Rigby and Cllr Ryan Bamforth, noticed the problem themselves when they went for a run at 6am.

Cllr Rigby said: “We very quickly realised how dark it was to the point where you couldn’t see the ground in front of you.

“I remember saying to him that if I was on my own, there is no chance I would go through the park as it just didn’t feel safe.

“After this experience, we spoke to several other residents who said they felt the same way and even knew people that had been assaulted along that particular stretch.”

The Bolton News: Station Park

The councillors said residents had been calling them to alert them of the problem as they felt unsafe walking there.

Cllr Rigby said: “The installation is incredibly helpful.

“The lights completely illuminate the path to the point where you can see from one end to the other even in the middle of the night.”

People in the area have responded well to the installation and say they now feel comfortable walking at night.

Alongside this, the councillors hope to dispel any anti-social behaviour (ASB) as has been reported by residents with youth hiding in the bushes to cause problems.

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Cllr Rigby added: “I think they’re fantastic. I was impressed with how quickly they were installed and, whilst it took a little longer for them to start working, now they do it’s hard to believe it hadn’t been done before.

“The difference is how you feel walking down that path is huge, it just feels so much safer.

“It will hopefully reduce ASB too as we’ve had complaints of youths hiding in the bushes along the dark stretch of path and causing issues for either those walking by or the houses that back on to the park.”

The councillors are also looking at other places in Horwich and Blackrod where lights may be needed.