A Horwich driver was stopped and told not to drive their vehicle after police found two of their tyres ‘in extremely poor condition’.

Police stopped the driver in Avonhead Close in the early hours of Friday morning

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In a post on Facebook, GMP’s Bolton West team said: “Officers from the Horwich team had cause to stop a driver on Avonhead Close in the early hours of Friday, April 26.

“Upon making checks with the vehicle, officers found two of the vehicles’ tyres to be in extremely poor condition.

"One of the tyres was worn to the point of cords being exposed. Another tyre has cracks to the outer wall.

The Bolton News: Police ordered that the vehicle not be driven until the tyre is replacedPolice ordered that the vehicle not be driven until the tyre is replaced (Image: GMP)

“Officers from the roads policing unit issued a prohibition order on the vehicle meaning if anyone is found to be driving the vehicle before the repairs are made, they may face prosecution.

“Check tyres and brakes regularly to keep your vehicle safe and road legal.”

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The 20p tyre check

Anyone driving should make sure that their car or van’s tyre tread has a minimum of 1.6mm depth – with motorcycles, large vehicles, and passenger-carrying vehicles having a minimum of 1mm.

Those driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition can be fined up to £2,500, be banned from driving, and get three penalty points.

Anyone looking to save money on their next MOT – and to keep safe on the roads – can perform a simple test using a 20p coin to make sure their tyres are up to legal safety standards.

According to the Department for Transport’s 'THINK!’ safety campaign, those carrying out the test should first place a 20p coin into the main grooves of the tyre tread.

The Bolton News: You can use a 20p coin to check the tread on your tyreYou can use a 20p coin to check the tread on your tyre (Image: THINK!/GOV.UK)

If you cannot see the raised outer rim of the coin, with the words ‘TWENTY PENCE’ engraved, then the tyre has sufficient tread depth.

Those carrying out the test should check at least three different places on each tyre, as one part may be more worn than another.

You should also check around the tyres for cuts, tears, bulges, and other damage.

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