A rotary club has made a generous donation to a food bank to support those in need. 

Horwich Inner Wheel collected 100 tins of food and gave them to Horwich Foodshare last month. 

The independent food bank is run by Cllr Peter Wright, who first started delivering food parcels in 2017 to support elderly residents who might struggle to leave their homes. 

Cllr Wright spoke to members of the rotary club about the work the organisation does and how people in the community benefit from the support. 

The Bolton News: The donationThe donation (Image: Horwich Inner Wheel)

It is run entirely by volunteers and relies on public donations, and offers advice on how to access other supportive services and a befriending service by qualified staff, as well as food. 

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The kind-hearted gesture comes after Horwich Inner Wheel donated bleed control kits to be housed at The Crown on Chorley New Road

The installation of the equipment is in support of Lynne Baird’s charity The Daniel Baird Foundation. 

In 2017, 26-year-old Daniel was stabbed outside a pub in Birmingham on a night out with his friends. There were no first aid or bleed kits available, and he died in hospital due to catastrophic bleeding. 

His mother Lynne has been campaigning since his death for the equipment to be made available to anyone in the event of a traumatic injury. 

Inner Wheel clubs, like rotary clubs, promote service and friendship, encouraging its members to get involved with charitable organisations and helping others in their communities and further afield.