TV personality Stephen Mulhern brought his fun gameshow In For a Penny to Bolton.

Stephen and his team were at Horrocks Moor Farm, with filming taking place on the Skipadoos dog field.

The television presenter travels the country finding unsuspecting members of the public to complete various  wacky challenges

Lydia Westhead-Painter and her family own the farm and dog field and were approached last summer.

She said: “We were quite pleased they asked us and could not say no really as it is such a big TV show and Stephen himself was quite friendly and was laughing and joking around with us all.

The Bolton News: Stephen Mulhern on the show

“It was very good for us to be featured and a lot of our customers messaged us and had been watching out for us and said they were pleased to say they had been to Skipadoos.”

The dog field could be seen on the show on Saturday, May 4, where people ran around with their dogs using the agility equipment.

Games included Pet Bet, where a dog was placed on one of four big coins on the floor, while the owner walked away from the second coin to the fourth. If the dog stayed on the first coin, as the owner got to the last coin, they would win £100.

Lydia said: “We are hoping it will be on in a few more episode after it was aired on Saturday on ITV.

“It shows the field  and the agility equipment there and Stephen climbing onto the equipment and does make quite a big thing about us being in Bolton.”

Lydia talked about how ‘funny’ the show was to watch being filmed and how entertaining host Stephen made it.

The Bolton News: Stephen Mulhern on the show

She said: “I didn’t realise how many people watched the show and how many series they had done.

“It is quite entertaining and lots of people on there and different challenges.

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“It was really funny the way Stephen interacted with each dog and though it didn’t show it on TV, a lady got an Uber with a dog and he said he accepted a job but didn’t expect the dog to be so big and it was really funny how Stephen reacted to it.”

Skipadoos is usually hired out to dog owners.

Lydia said: “We are generally busy as it is as it is very popular with people coming back with their dogs and highly recommend us which is why are so popular.

“There was nothing like this at the time when we opened in Bolton.”

The dog field opened in 2017 after Lydia and her family noticed a lot of attacks on their sheep from dogs and realised there was nowhere for dogs to go in a secure field.

Watch the episode on ITVX.