A popular Bolton fish and chip restaurant is celebrating after being nominated for an award naming them one of the best in the country.

Olympus Fish and Chip Restaurant has been nominated in the England’s Business Awards 2024 as the Best Fish and Chip Shop.

And owner, Tasos Pattichis, said he and his team of staff are overjoyed at the news – which, he says, recognises their high standards.

He said: “I feel really excited at the moment, when you see and realise that your standards are kept high, I am always very proud for what we have achieved and when I say what we have achieved that includes the staff as well as myself.

“We are always striving to give the customers the best service and food and, we want to keep our standards high.

“We have been here now for 36 years, and we have had good standards throughout which I am very pleased with.

“Throughout our history, Olympus has maintained that standard and that makes me extremely proud of what we have all achieved.

“This isn’t like a job for us but like a way of life.

“The nomination plays a very big role as more people will become aware of our restaurant.

“Our business is good but nominations like this help to get the message out and if we do win it goes further afield.

“So not only are we serving good quality food we are getting the message out there and this nomination does make a big difference.”

Tasos said he must thank his customers and staff and his parents for their support because it wouldn’t be possible without them.

He said: “The customers are wonderful – they think really highly of us and to have a customer base like ours is a pure pleasure.

The Bolton News: Olympus have also previously been awarded the Good Food AwardOlympus have also previously been awarded the Good Food Award (Image: Olympus Fish and Chip Restaurant)“I have been in the industry a long time, I started years ago in the business in 1988 when I first opened my own shop here and before that in 1960 my parents had a restaurant called Olympus Grill on Churchgate. As I grew up it was compulsory to work in there and they then retired in 1999.

“And I think that was the foundations of Olympus Fish and Chip Shop and giving us character for the future.

“My parents were close to having 40 years in the industry and I grew up in that and worked with them.

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“It was a very good background to grow up in. I opened my own chippy in 1988 and because of the foundations mum and dad gave me, I have now reached 36 years of service and my aim is to reach 40 years and more.

“If you put my years and my parents years together it will be a total of 80 years of service and my aim every day is to serve correctly and keep the standard up.

“ I would like to thank my parents because I was very fortunate to have an environment of that kind.

“I have a great team around me, and the staff play a massive role, and the nomination is good because I think we set an example.”

Tasos said: “We have a wide range of food and drinks that people can enjoy.

The Bolton News: Paddy McGuinness at OlympusPaddy McGuinness at Olympus (Image: Olympus Fish and Chip Restaurant)“This is predominantly fish and chips, so we have fresh and sustainable fish, which we sell around 400 or 500 a day of these and at the moment we are trying different things as well.

“We have homemade pies, including cheese pies and meat pies which are absolutely delicious, we have a range of burgers, sandwiches which come with chips, pizza and more.

“Everything is freshly made.”

The eatery is very popular with the likes of Paddy McGuinness also enjoying a trip or two to the restaurant.

Paddy took a trip to Olympus at the end of last year with staff singing him happy birthday even though it wasn’t his birthday.

The restaurant will find out if they have won the award soon, but first people are asked to vote.

Vote for the Olympus Fish and Chip Restaurant at https://www.nominees.info/vote, or vote by text message on 07520634133.

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