Paddy McGuinness shared a behind the scenes clip of himself and friend Keith Lemon from The Keith & Paddy Picture Show.

Paddy and Keith recreated iconic Hollywood films with the help of celebrity guests in their long-running show.

In the latest episode, the duo can be seen running around as Sandy and Danny from Grease.

Bolton's famous comedian, Paddy, posted a video to his Instagram page showing the both of them dancing along to the hit musical.

In a caption, he said: "Big up @showbizliz for sending me this.

"Behind the scenes footage from The Keith & Paddy Picture Show.

"Notice how I didn’t drop go to my knees, we only had one pair of clean jeans!

"The director cut around it.

" Amazing times with a fantastic crew and my bredrin @leighfrancis yes we both want to do more."

The show first aired 2017 and has seen Paddy and Keith re-enact Top Gun, 

The show may even see a comeback since Leigh Francis commented: "I’m in! When do we start."

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Many fans rushed to the comments to agree with Keith and said they looked forward to the show coming back.

One fan said: "Pure comedy gold. You guys really do need to do make some more."

Another said: "I want you to release all of these on DVD! Please, loved them all, especially Pretty Woman."

The show was axed by ITV in 2019 with Keith Lemon revealing recently it was due to ratings at the time.