Paddy McGuinness brought the Isle of Fernandes back to the limelight as he spoke to former Take Me Out contestants on BBC Radio 2 as well as bumping into an old friend in Bolton.

Paddy sat down on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday filling in for Ryan Clarke for a second week.

Bolton’s funnyman Paddy donned a pink wig while joining the crew as he took up the mantle on Saturdays while Rylan is away and with a twist, as he spoke to former Take Me Out contestants, and even an old friend he went to college within Bolton and Bury.

Paddy spoke to Philipa Best from Bolton, someone he said he already knew.

He said on the show: “Back in the day, Philipa used to go out with a mate of mine, Dell and was also mates with my first girlfriend, Claire.”

Paddy reminisced about the fashion back in his college days in Bolton and Bury while speaking to Philipa and even promised to have a beer with her after the show.

The Bolton News:

Later on, Paddy spoke to Nicki Donohoe on season three, referring to her as one of his ‘flirty 30’ and said he remembered her for being ‘eclectic.’ Nicki revealed she was now in a happy relationship with Phil Daniels of Parklife and Quadrophenia, to which Paddy seemed godsmacked and said: “This is amazing!”

Every week Paddy speaks to a former contestant from the Take Me Out show which aired until 2020.

Paddy also talked about having a Lancashire tea for the first time on the show and made fun of fellow Boltonian Vernon Kay for having yet another show on Radio 2.

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Last week the internet was shocked to learn two people who met on the show were still together now and share two children together.

An X account called @BenJamesLove shared pictures of himself and his long-term partner who met on the show many years ago.

Paddy will be featuring on Radio 2 for two more weeks before Rylan returns from a break.