Paddy McGuinness was the proudest  dad of all after his children  gifted him Valentine’s Day cards after a bad day.

The TV presenter and comedian from Bolton posted on his Instagram account the two  he received from his daughter, Felicity, and son, Leo.

Felicity’s was addressed to both her mum and dad, on pink paper with a love heart drawn on.

Paddy captioned it: “Woke up early by the kids, sorted their breakfasts, emptied the cat’s litter tray, moved a load of patio furniture in the p*** rain, waited in all day for a tradesman who never turned up, and a bus driver took my wing mirror off.


“But none of that mattered a jot once my baby girl, Felicity, gave us this.

“One very happy Daddy here.”

People in the comments gushed over how touching the card was.

One person said: “Special things like this make it all worth it. I’ve still got pasta necklaces that my twins made for me in nursery.”

Paddy later posted another picture of Leo’s drawing, which saw Paddy and Leo as stick people and an attempt to show the McGuinness’s living room.

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Paddy captioned the post: “I’ve got something in my eye.

“My gorgeous boy Leo just gave me this. I’m so proud of all my children. They surprise and inspire me every single day.”