A new restaurant has opened serving up traditional Pakistani food.

Naafiah has just opened on Halliwell Road in Bolton and the menu includes lamb karahi and biriyani.

Arshad Choudary has moved from London to realise his dreams of opening a restaurant.

The 49-year-old franchisee has opened Bolton’s first Naafiah, with restaurants already open in Blackburn, Burnley, Accrington, and Preston.

He said: “I am cooking curries, fast food, and grilled food.

The Bolton News: Naafiah

“We are already open, and I am ready to serve people.

“I recommend the lamb karahi, biriyani and grilled kebab.

“We make authentic Pakistani cuisine style food rather than Indian style, so it is a little different.”

Originally from Newcastle, Arshad moved to London before finally moving to Bolton just under two months ago.

He said: “The future plan is to move with my family here as Bolton is a quieter area but London is a busy area.

“Bolton has cheaper rent and London is expensive and there are more people living in the area I want to serve with diverse culture.”

Arshad worked as a chef in London but also had his own takeaway in Newcastle, which he sold to move so that his children could attend university in London.

He said: “I have been doing it for 15 years making all kinds of Asian cuisine.

“Someone taught me in Newcastle and I was there 10 years, before I moved to London.

“Then I heard about Naafiah and I wanted to open here."

The Bolton News: Naafiah

He added: “I think Bolton is nice and is quieter than London, and when the business when it picks up will be better.”

Originally, Arshad had visited the old Taste of Pakistan restaurant on Chorley Old Road.

Arshad said of Bolton: “There are good people here and the response is good.

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“A lot of people have come by and people are friendly.

“People like the food and want to come again.”

The shop was originally the Iqbal Shop before being transformed.

Arshad’s family still live in London, but he goes back to see them every two weeks, and hopes to move them to Bolton in the future.