A Bolton driving instructor has shared his concerns over a new road layout that has been installed at a busy junction in Farnworth.

Grade A instructor Tony Pearson said he is concerned about taking his students through a new junction which is having cycling lanes installed because he fears a "bad accident" will happen there.

The works are ongoing on Gladstone Road and Bolton Road where cycling lanes have been installed across the four-way junction.

And since the works have begun motorists travelling through the junction have shared their worries, about traffic and the narrowing of lanes.

Tony, who is also a DIA Diploma instructor, said: “The new junction has been controversial from the day it started to be constructed.

“When they put the plastic barriers up, it showed a rough design of how the junction would be.

“Complaints came in immediately from drivers and local residents. It was clear from the plans that the junction would be vastly reduced to accommodate these cycle lanes.

The Bolton News: The new junction layoutThe new junction layout (Image: NQ)“They have turned what was a free-flowing junction into a traffic nightmare. As a driving instructor it is more difficult when negotiating driving through such narrow lanes with a pupil with limited experience.

“On more than one occasion we have had to stop because there is no room to get through when a large vehicle is attempting to turn at the traffic lights.

“This design is leaving no room at all for any driver.

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“My concern at this junction is that one day there's going to be a bad accident due to the lack of room and bad design.

“Part of this design they have built the cycle lane and the kerb so that it protrudes out quite wide forcing the traffic to go over to the right.

“This was such an unnecessary feature to accommodate a cycle lane. They need to return this junction to a safe flowing junction, this part of the junction really needs to be taken away to allow room to accommodate any oversized vehicle and other road users to pass each other safely, including learner drivers who can be two seconds slower with their reactions than a normal driver."

The Bolton News: New cycling lanesNew cycling lanes (Image: NQ)He added: “I hope common sense prevails and a restructure of this junction is done sooner rather than later as I don't want to be one of those people and there have been many to say 'I told you so' when somebody is hurt.

“Money has been spent on an unnecessary alteration. When a painted cycle lane would have done the same job.”

In response, a council spokesperson said: “All road improvements are carried out in line with national guidelines and take into consideration the safety of all road users.”

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