No visitors will be allowed at a Bolton at Home property for three months, after reports of anti-social behaviour.

Anyone visiting the address on Linslade Gardens, Great Lever, will be liable for arrest after the move was put in place.

Police acted on the request from Bolton at Home to take action at the property.

Nearby residents said there had been a large amount of visitors and noise at the home in recent months.

A Bolton at Home spokesperson said: “At the request of Bolton at Home, police issued a closure order for a property in Great Lever on May 3.

“This followed longstanding issues with anti-social behaviour linked to visitors to the property.

"We will continue working in partnership with the police and other services to tackle and resolve anti-social behaviour within our communities."

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has also confirmed that the court system had secured the closure order.

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A GMP spokesperson said: “The Great Lever team have secured a closure order from the magistrates court.

“This order will now run for three months and any person found within the address is liable to arrest.”

In regards to when the order was first made, a police spokesperson said: “The Great Lever neighbourhood team, working in close partnership with Bolton At Home and Greater Manchester Police legal services, has served a closure notice on an address on Linslade Gardens in Bolton.

"The aim of the closure notice is to tackle antisocial behaviour and criminality occurring within that particular address.

"The notice specifically prohibits all parties apart from Bolton At Home representatives, emergency services and the tenant from being present within that address for the duration it is in force.

"We are committed to tackling your local priorities and hopefully this should send a message that anti-social behaviour and criminality will not be tolerated and your local teams will work in partnership to tackle it."