Firefighters and police sealed off a street in Bolton over fears about a substance which had been poured over a car.

It is the latest in a number of incidents targeting taxi cabs in the Moses Gate area, where  corrosive substances have been thrown on their vehicles

And on Friday morning Whitley Street was sealed off by firefighters.

The car, which belongs to Mazhar Iqbal,  it turned had paint stripped poured on it.

His car was ruined beyond repair which means he is currently unable to work.

The Bolton News: Extensive damage was caused

The 43-year-old said: “It got struck with what looked like acid, it turned out to be paint stripper.

“It is beyond repair. They have done it all over.

“Someone came and told me on Friday morning it had happened as I was asleep.

“It will cost me £10-15,000 to get a new car, this is my life, I am out of work for the time being.

“We are worried, everyone is worried. There is a primary school up the road and kids walk up here.

“I have recently had my tyres slashed. Cars are being targeted and it is mostly taxis that they are going for.”

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Another taxi driver who lives nearby, who did not wish to be named, said his vehicle was struck by acid in June last year.

He said: “My taxi was hit, the police came and said it was acid.

The Bolton News: The spot where the camera used to be

“I am worried about this.”

The pair said a camera used to be in position on Loxham Street which had been removed.

The Bolton News: The spot where the camera used to be

They called for it to be restored in order to deter further incidents like these.

Mr Iqbal said: “There was a big camera and we want it back.”

A GMFRS spokesperson said:  "One fire engine from Farnworth attended Whitley Street just before 11am on May 10 and tested the substance and it was thought to be suspected paint stripper and left soon after."

Greater Manchester Police have been approached for comment.