Five people have been arrested in Bolton after a burglary in which the victim was threatened.

The burglary happened in Ince Wigan, at around midnight and a Volkswagen was taken.

Police say that the suspects were filming the burglary at the time.

The specialised Tactical Vehicle Intercept Unit (TVIU) were alerted to a second aggravated burglary being committed in Bolton, where it was confirmed the vehicle stolen in the first burglary was seen travelling at speed along Lords Stile Lane in Bromley Cross.

Police  say CCTV and intelligence updates confirmed the gangs movements and motive and enabled the TVIU to track them in the stolen vehicle. 

Five people aged between 17 and 22 were arrested and remain in custody for questioning.

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Inspector Danny Kabal from the Specialist Operations department said:  “Burglary is a top priority for us and the officers from my unit are determined to catch those who think it is acceptable to make innocent members of the public feel vulnerable in their own homes.

“When we heard the first offence take place just before midnight, the TVIU re-deployed across GMP and we managed to catch the offenders shortly after they went onto commit a second aggravated burglary.

“As a result of our quick response, and by utilising our specialist skills and technology including ANPR, we were able to locate the vehicle which was taken by the offenders during one of the burglaries. This vehicle will be reunited with its rightful owner later today.

“I would like to reassure the public that our investigative colleagues from Wigan and Bolton will now pull out all the stops to get these offenders charged and put before the Courts at the earliest opportunity – with the intention of sending them to prison where they belong.”