A property in Bolton could be transformed into an eight bedroom guest house for the vulnerable – if new plans are approved.

The proposal has been launched for the building on Castle Street, The Haulgh.

The property is currently being used as a single family dwelling.

It is a two-storey, red bricked building with a yard to the rear.

But owner Krishan Ladwa has launched plans to used it as a guest house.

If approved the applicant would work with Bolton Council to provide accommodation for homeless families and vulnerable single adults.

A statement prepared as part of the application outlines how it would work and why there is a demand for such facilities.

It said: “The applicant is working in partnership with Bolton Council to provide suitable accommodation for homeless families and vulnerable single adults.

“Currently, the council provides housing care and support at Benjamin Court, however due to significant pressure for additional accommodation, sites are required within Bolton.

“The applicant is committed to delivering a high quality, sustainable development, drawing on their extensive experience of operating a successful guest house within the borough of Bolton.

“The site will provide much needed housing care and support for homeless and vulnerable people.”

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It goes on to say: “Whilst the general layout resembles that of a typical HMO, the guesthouse will provide short-term and long-term tenancies, bed and board with use of cooking facilities.

“The on-site staff will manage to day-to-day running of the guesthouse.”

It goes on to reject suggestions that a guest house inevitably means people coming and going in the early hours of the morning.

It says: “The rooms could be let out on a nightly basis; however, the majority of tenants will come from the partnership arrangement with Bolton Council.

“It is not expected that the comings and goings would be materially different to those associated with a typical large family, and many bedrooms occupied by children and particularly teenagers containing televisions and audio equipment.

“Thus, although it is accepted that guests may be inconsiderate on occasion, the same could be said of any type of occupier.

“There is no evidence to substantiate any generalised assertion that occupiers of a guest house are intrinsically more disposed to coming and going in the late evening or early morning hours than occupiers of other property types.”