Bolton boxer Amir Khan’s wedding venue finally hosted its first wedding over the weekend.

The Balmayna officially opened its doors on Saturday, May 18 with its first wedding.

The wedding venue is situated on Washington Street in Deane, and offers luxury dining, chauffeur service, musicians and a rooftop shisha bar.

At the weekend, Amir shared a series of stories on Instagram showing a wedding taking place at the venue, with a bride in a red lehenga dress.

Pictures shared by The Balmayna show canapes being served to every guest on arrival, with pineapples and berries, while the bride was played in by a brass band.

The Bolton News:

A small orchestra played music inside the hall as guests arrived at the venue.

The wedding venue has been in the making for many years, having first been granted planning permission in 2103, but Amir ran into trouble when money went missing from the build.

Amir told The Bolton News: "They were very happy as they were the first wedding there and they loved everything, from the food to décor. It ticks all the boxes because we make sure that we have got enough staff there that are going to cater and also help and support the couple.

"When it is someone's special day, we want to make sure that everything has been done for them, and we have answers for any requirement.

"So, we want to make it so easy and comfortable for them all so that the experience is never forgotten."

The plans had included a river stream from the outside flowing inside to the wedding stage, which has now been finished.

The Bolton News:

Outside the hall, palm trees give an exotic feel, and were adorned with lights for Saturday’s wedding.

Amir said: "A big thanks to Excellency because they are an amazing company that have come in now and will be running the weddings."

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The Balmyana, offered by The Excellency Plaza and Amir, has three wedding halls, and a restaurant..

The wedding hall has been subject to scrutiny in the past due to the litter people dump outside it, though Amir has paid for this to be collected numerous times.

In clips from the hall, cherry blossom trees have been installed inside the halls with pink plush sofas situated near the entrance.

Ornate statues fill the hallways and floral displays were placed for the wedding.

The Balmayna is also officially taking enquiries for bookings.