Boxer Amir Khan's multi-million pound wedding venue is finally complete and has taken its first booking as it gets ready to open to the public.

Development on the luxury venue started in 2015 and after overcoming issues the 'one stop wedding mall' is all but complete.

Situated in Washington Street in Deane, the venue, The Balmayna consists of two wedding halls and a high end luxury restaurant, alongside a rooftop shisha bar.

Outside work to complete the finishing touches is still going on at the site but the building itself is completed with weddings already booked for the full year.

Amir told The Bolton News: “I am really looking forward for it to finish now, obviously it’s coming to an end and there were some complications back in the day where we had to put a hold on a lot of work.

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"But look, my heart is in the right place and God is going to make it work for me.”

In a previous series of Meet The Khans: Big In Bolton, Amir said costs had risen from £3.2million to £11.5million, and his dad was parachuted in to get the development back on track.

Amir said: “My dad is involved to help me and make sure it is going okay and I had to take a step forward and make things come through.

“I still own the business but now have Excellency’s partnership for the weddings, and it gives you the extra elegance as they are one of the best wedding companies in the UK, and I have seen the way they worked before and they do really well.

The Bolton News: The Balmayna

"So, getting them on board has been amazing and it is good to see that it is ready soon and it looks amazing and is something I have waited eight years for with the hiccups I have had.”

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The first wedding will be held in March at the venue with Amir and the team admitting the lines have been very busy with people ringing to make bookings.

Amir previously revealed that new plans had included a river stream from the outside flowing inside to the wedding stage.