A forest school at a Bolton primary is coming on leaps and bounds - and that's not just the frogs. 

Washacre Primary School in Westhoughton has had its outdoor classroom since 2018, a large area of land at the back of the building where children can play in nature without having to leave the premises. 

The forest school, which has largely been tended to by site manager Colin Jones, boasts bees, chickens and frogs, as well as a variety of plants and facilities for its children. 

Vicki Lowe, deputy head at Washacre Primary, said: "Our forest school is quite a large area at the back of the school, our site manager Colin  has been amazing in building it, he has been redoing the area almost singlehandedly. 

The Bolton News: Enjoying the natureEnjoying the nature (Image: Washacre Primary School)

"He spoke to Network Rail, who donated 3.5 tons of wood chips and logs to make it more accessible for children in wheelchairs. 

"It can get really muddy and quite difficult to navigate, and it has enabled us to make pathways. 

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"Colin has put in other things like sensory hammocks, we are really privileged to have this area and to use it with the children." 

The Bolton News: Bees at the forest schoolBees at the forest school (Image: Washacre Primary School)

She added: "We have had the forest school since 2018, it is something we have been developing. 

"Colin has not been with us for as long as that, but he has had an impact and taken it in his stride. 

"Now have chickens he has built them a custom coop. We also have bees now, he got his beekeeping qualification, so we are hoping to make some Washacre honey. 

"In spring, through summer and early autumn you would not know you were in an urban area, you can hear the birds, see tadpoles and frogs in the ponds." 

Vicki added: "We are very privileged to use it as part of the curriculum."