A school in Bolton which has a "culture of mutual respect" has been given an outstanding rating by the education watchdog. 

Lostock Primary School has been given the rating following an Ofsted inspection on May 14 and 15. 

The Glengarth Drive school, which was rated good at an inspection last year, has been upgraded, scoring "outstanding" on each of the five criteria the inspectorate uses, as well as overall. 

His Majesty's Inspector Sheena Clark and Ofsted Inspector Ian Young found that children at the school "are kind, successful and happy" and "shine in the many different roles and responsibilities that the school encourages them to hold". 

The report said: "Pupils know that the school expects the very best of their conduct and for their academic achievement. Pupils readily rise to meet these high expectations. 

"The school provides an exceptional programme to develop pupils’ learning beyond the academic curriculum.

"Pupils benefit from taking part in character development sessions and outdoor learning experiences. 

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"Staff routinely revisit pupils’ prior learning within lessons and during specifically tailored days to revisit learning from previous years. This enables pupils to embed important information into their long-term memory. 

"The school cultivates pupils’ love of reading. Pupils read from a wide range of high quality texts written by different authors. Pupils hold articulate, thoughtful conversations about their favourite texts." 

Lostock Primary School has been rated outstandingLostock Primary School has been rated outstanding (Image: Lostock Primary School)

It added: "The school has effective strategies in place to identify and support pupils with SEND. It sees each pupil as an individual and places high priority on providing the correct support to help pupils with SEND to achieve well.

"Pupils’ behaviour is excellent. There is a culture of mutual respect across the school. During lessons, pupils concentrate on their learning and work cooperatively together.

"The school makes sure that pupils attend regularly so that they fully benefit from the superb learning opportunities. 

"Staff are unanimously proud to be part of the school community. Governors are highly knowledgeable and effective in their roles. They understand how to challenge and support the school to achieve the best outcomes for pupils." 

Headteacher Vicki Guest said: "This outstanding Ofsted rating is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and collaborative spirit of the entire Lostock family.

"We are incredibly proud to work with such amazing children and talented and committed staff and governors, who embody the values of our school and ensure our motto, 'Aim high, together we will fly', is at the heart of everything we do.

"We also want to thank all our parents/carers and other family members for their ongoing support, as well as our colleagues across Bolton, who help ensure the children of Bolton really do receive the best education.

"This is an absolutely amazing achievement and we are so very proud of everyone involved.

"It feels even more special as the report marks the 50-year anniversary of the school, as well as my 10 year anniversary as Headteacher here at Lostock. We really do have a lot to celebrate this summer!"