A borough shop has been shut down by Trading Standards and the police. 

Ranya Market on Market Street, Farnworth, had its shutters down and a closure notice pinned up on Thursday afternoon.

The notice says it has been closed under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. 

Signed by head of regulatory services, Andrew Bolan, the notice says he is satisfied that the use of the premises "has resulted, or is likely soon to result in nuisance to members of the public", or "that there has been, or is likely soon to be, disorder near those premises". 

The closure notice is in place from 2pm today, Thursday, until 2pm tomorrow, Friday. 

A spokesperson from Greater Manchester Police added that police "attended at around 2pm today (Thursday) to assist" the council's Trading Standards team. 

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Eyewitnesses report having seen officers from the regulatory arm of the council, as well as police, shutting down the shop this afternoon (Thursday). 

One eyewitness said: "I saw an orange van park up and around five or six Trading Standards officers walked into the shop, then police came, they also went into the shop and locked it. 

"Then they put the shutters down and the signage up. They weren't taking anything out, and they weren't there for long. 

Bolton Council's closuresBolton Council's closure (Image: Newsquest)

"They just sent everyone on their way and locked up." 

Another said: "They were forced to close. Trading Standards came yesterday as well, for around 5-10 minutes at most." 

One said: "I did see a police car parked there, but there wasn't really any activity. 

"There were two policemen stood talking nearby." 

We have approached Bolton Council for comment and are awaiting their response.