A new flagship store for a Bolton-based baby products specialist has opened.

Cosatto has been based in the borough since 2001.

However, despite having a showroom underneath its headquarters, the company only opened it to the public once a month.

That has all changed now though as the baby products specialist noticed there were not many baby stores operating in the vicinity of Farnworth.

Dee Anderson, from Little Lever, has been tasked with getting the shop up and running – a challenge during a cost of living crisis.

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She said: “Parents that have come in have been wowed. They’re like: ‘my God, I didn’t expect this in the middle of Farnworth’ – because it is a beautiful space, we make them a brew, we have little snacks out, kids are playing, and they get that personal service.

“We’ve got comfy couches, we push them down the slide, show them around.

“The biggest thing I’ve found is people are learning about our business, they’re learning about our values – people are savvy with their money at the moment because things are tough.

“It’s helping them – and they’re like ‘do you know what, if I’m going to spend that money I’m going to spend it with a business that’s local, that has got really good values and is doing charity stuff in the area'.”

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Cosatto’s new shop is open six days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday.

The flagship store can be found in Bentick Mill, on Farnworth’s Bentick Street.

Despite the new opening, the company is keen to communicate it is not trying to shift away from its retailers and stockists.

Dee added: “What we’re not trying to do is steal sales from ourselves via our retailers. Everybody’s struggling at the minute, it’s tough out there for everybody in retail.

“We will always signpost customers to our local stockists, we’re just trying to enhance that journey – then it’s up to the customer where they want to spend their money.”

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