Local residents who have any information about the young arsonists who destroyed a popular children's outdoor area can report it anonymously through a new service, FireStoppers.

The Bolton News reported last week, how Queensbridge Primary School children and staff were left devastated after discovering part of their Forest School had been set alight, destroying the outdoor classroom, furnishing and materials.

Headteacher Louise Chapman said the destruction of the play area which provides learning and enrichment activities for the pupils, left some members of staff in tears.

Her staff had built the classroom area in their own time.

She said: "The love and dedication that been poured that has bee poured into developing such a wonderful learning environment has been ruined."

But she vowed that the area would be rebuilt and restored for the children.

The school in Farnworth is appealing for information as to who the culprits are.

Local people with information, who want to pass on information anonymously can do so using a new service, FireStoppers.

The fire broke out on Sunday afternoon, with firefighters from Farnworth were called to the fire

Station Manager Carl Haslam said: "People with any information on deliberately started fires can contact FireStoppers, it is a service run by Crimestoppers.

"Information can be passed on anonymously."

He added: "Deliberately started fires destroy communities and this is to protect communities.

"These fires also impact on the fire service resources."

The Station Manager urged parents to take note of the annual Safe4Summer Campaign which gives important advice and tip on on how to keep children safe through the long summer holiday.

FireStoppers is the service is for those with information following an incident of fire, or an attack on a firefighter or fire response vehicle, to report the incident.

Information can be found https://forms.theiline.co.uk/firestoppers.

Safe4Summer information can be found at https://manchesterfire.gov.uk/your-safety/campaigns/safe4summer/