More than 70 counterfeit football shirts were seized from a trader at Bolton Car Boot Sale, Bolton Council has said.

Greater Manchester Police are also understood to have been in attendance.

The twice-weekly car boot sale takes place every Sunday and Wednesday at the Toughsheet Stadium car park.

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The event is run by National Car Boot Sales, which runs events in cities including Bristol, Leeds, and Manchester.

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “Trading Standards seized a number of fake football shirts, e-cigarettes and perfumes from a car boot sale at Middlebrook on Sunday 23 June.

“Seventy-two counterfeit football shirts were seized from one trader.  Traders of the seized goods were all advised against any future counterfeit sales.”

National Car Boot Sales director Jerome O’Malley said he did not want illegal items on his site.

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Speaking to The Bolton News, Mr O’Malley said: “You’re never ever going to stop 100 per cent – even the Trading Standards have to take a couple samples from a couple of sites, not just our sites but other sites.

“There’s such good stuff that goes around, in all aspects of counterfeit, e-cigarettes and stuff like that.

“They are doing their job correct coming on. If they’re doing their job right and they are getting these people I’ll give them 100 per cent credit, because I don’t want it on my site.

“They are clamping down and they’ve got to clamp down more. As long as they’re doing their job and stopping these, it stops them coming back on again, and that’s great. That’s good for me.”

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